Watch These Waffle House Employees Use Kitchen Equipment To Do Their Hair And Try Not To Vomit

Waffle House has some amazing selections but I suggest staying away from the Waffles & Chicken With A Side Of Cornrows.

Antonio Robinson told a local news outlet that his friend began to cough. “I looked up at him. He went to pulling out strings of hair out of his mouth.”

The pair then went to the kitchen with their cell phones. “She dipped her hair in the pot and when it came back up she was drying it off with one of the towels,” said Robinson. “I see people do that in their houses and things like that but for a restaurant, I don’t know.”

“For a restaurant, I don’t know.” He’s just not sure. Maybe he’s never worked in one. Doesn’t want to speak out of turn.

Look, we’ve all be late for work and had to get ready in the back but this is a little extreme. Waffle House workers don’t have to look THAT on point in the middle of shift. No one is going there to pick up Waffle House workers.

Anyway, the restaurant found out, apologize, and fired both employees. No word if they actually washed the pots though.

[via Some eCards]

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