Two Bros In North Carolina Ran Coffee Shop By Day, Blog About How To ‘Put The Sweet D In The Tender V’ By Night



Two Bros who own the coffee shop Waking Life Espresso are catching fire right now for being a little more than baristas during their off hours.

In addition to keeping Asheville properly caffeinated, they were keeping the ladies of the quaint North Carolina town properly copulated. Because owners Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens moonlighted as misogynistic pick up artists.

And documented all their lays (up top) on a blog called ‘Holistic Game: Putting the sweet D in the tender V.’

Sweet tag line, Bro (up top).

Now, they and their popular coffee shop are facing significant backlash and negative press after a site called Jared and Jacob Said identified them as the authors of Holistic Game (they also did a podcast). The blog covered the duos bangs and fucks and box fingers and many are taking offense to their misogynistic language and demeaning manner.

A selection:

4. C. – OkCupid – 5/5/4 – Bail
Frisky little redhead, early twenties. Not very hot and talked too much. We fucked the first night for hours (the novelty of new pussy!) after she was done talking my ear off. I bailed on her because I wasn’t that into it. I see her from time to time, and she’s letting herself go a little.

5. M. (SwampThunder) – OkCupid – 5/6/3 – Bail
The woman, the myth, the legend. Late twenties, large and in charge former volleyball player, kinky as hell. First girl I’d ever fucked in the ass. Not very interesting and I didn’t push to hang out after the second time. Still single as far as I know, and still riding the carousel.

8. J. – Business – 6/7/7 – Played
Mid thirties ginger, hippie with a rail-thin body. Crazy in bed like older girls tend to be. Lived in an RV and smelled like beeswax, but was smart and interesting. I hit on her at my business. We stopped seeing each other because I talked too much about game (I’d just read The Game  and discovered the manosphere) and it freaked her out. Classic mistake. No clue what she’s up to, but I think she’s headed towards cat lady status.

22. L. – Tinder – 7/7/4 – Played
Early twenties friend of one of my employees, Tinder provided the introduction. Radical feminist on the outside, radical submissive in the bedroom. Loved being abused and dominated. Smart but very guarded. We never discussed it but I got hints of serious abuse in her childhood. She swore that she was polyamorous but couldn’t emotionally handle finding another girl’s hair in my bed. Freaked out and we never hung out again. Dated a guy with a heroin addiction and is now fucking randoms. Damaged goods.

Good stuff, Bro. Up top, again. Here are two quality tweets of theirs, since deleted.

Intersectional feminist? How about I intersect my DICK with your PUSSY.”

Nothing wrong with fucking a fat chick (body fat > 25%) once in a while, but they’re catch and release. #ozbodypositive

Nice. Really strong. The posts on the site have mostly been attributed to Rutledge. Co-owner Owens denied writing any, but admitted to being part of the podcast, where he told a story about consent. A not good story. Jezebel transcribed the conversation:

Most concerning, however, is one episode of the “Holistic Game” podcast, in which “Jay,” whose voice belongs to Owens, essentially admits to raping someone while she was drugged and hospitalized.

“It was still really fun because we had sex in the shower. Hospital sex is weird, when she’s drugged, it’s strange, but it’s really cool.”

“Could she give consent?” Rutledge asks. “Could she give consent, Jay?”

“Uh oh,” Owens laughs. “That’s my bad. That is my bad.”

“You might’ve violated some California laws. Good thing we don’t live in California.”

Bad indeed. No up top for you. Many in Asheville are now boycotting the business. The two have closed down the shop for a few days for some “introspection,” and have promised to donate the remainder of their profits for this year to a rape crisis center. Meanwhile, Rutledge posted this apology-ish.

I know I’ve said and posted a lot of things that are offensive. Most of my life I’ve struggled with insecurities around dating. I felt like, in the past couple years, that I’d finally gotten a handle on this and experienced more success. So I made a twitter, blog, and got Jacob to podcast with me. We didn’t always say nice things, and sometimes we were downright mean. Sometimes I just vented about frustrating experiences in an immature, hateful, and foolish way. It was in particular a breach of trust to post intimate details about lovers. I was naive enough to think it’d stay anonymous, and I was wrong.

I think you are missing the point. It’s not that you posted intimate details; blog all you want about sex. It’s that you were a shit bag.

Always remember, Bros. It’s okay to be a Bro. Do Bro things. Just don’t be gaily blogging and p casting about sexual assault. It’s a very easy thing not to do.

[Via Jezebel]