Rapper Wale Had An A+ Response (Again) To A Snide Comment Tomi Lahren Made On Twitter

by 11 months ago
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In an unlikely turn of events, my favorite beef war of 2017 so far goes to rapper Wale and right-wing mouthpiece Tomi Lahren.

I don’t even really care either way who wins this beef war, I just want it to continue on for as long as possible because it’s hilarious.

Here’s a little backstory to set the stage for this latest round…

Back in January, Tomi Lahren took exception to Wale calling her out in one of his songs.

One of the lines from the song was, “Maybe I should meet Tami Lauren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her.”

You may have noticed that Wale got her name wrong there. And if you didn’t, don’t worry, she certainly did.

This is the official point where their beef devolved into hilariously petty kindergarten territory…


Then last month, despite their disagreements, Lahren decided to reference Wale in another tweet, to which he responded with a classic line…

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