Wall Street Douchebags Attempt to Cheat Broker Out of Deal, Get Blasted Online

by 5 years ago

The story goes like this: Two Wall Street guys, spent last Saturday touring houses in the Hamptons with a real estate broker, who had blocked off the day for showings. They had promised the broker that they wanted to pay “all cash for a quick deal,” and the broker expected to pull in a $3,000 commission after helping the duo find their sharehouse.

Then, a few days later, the agent fielded a call from the friend of an upset Hamptons owner. The man had come home to find these notes passed under his door and placed on his kitchen counter:

Yep. The douchebags were trying to pull off an all-cash deal with the owner, bypassing the agent who led them to the house and cutting him out of his commission entirely. The smiley face on the note doesn’t make it any less ethically shitty.

The agent got the last laugh, though. He originally published the notes on his blog, and it’s since gone viral in the Wall Street world. The reactions aren’t pretty. Says the tipster who led us to the story:

“These douchebags pulled the all time non-bro business move on a sharehouse. They thought they were the Bros of all bros. This is a very valuable lesson in business ethics.”

Good luck getting a reservation at Dorsia now, dudes.

[H/T: Curbed]

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