A Washington Redskins-Themed Assualt Rifle Maybe Isn’t the Best Idea

I am a huge, unabashed, Washington Redskins fan. Loved them my whole life. Personally, I think the team should change its name. I get both the arguments for and against it, and come down on the side of “society as a whole should try to offend fewer people.”

That’s my rationale. Other people’s perfectly reasonable rationale for changing the name is that it evokes images of the genocide inflicted on Native Americans in the 19th century.

It may not, but an assault rifle with the Redskins’ name on it certainly doesn’t help that cause. At least, it doesn’t scream love and harmony amongst the races.

Like I said in the headline; maybe not the best idea.

The gun was first noticed by at Redditor at The Nation’s Gun Show. The NFL says it is investigating.

[Via DC Sports Bog; Image via tknames ]