Washington State Grad Has The Funniest LinkedIn Profile I’ve Ever Read

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For the most party, LinkedIn profiles are pretty damn boring, even though it’s pretty fucking important to have one depending on what industry you’re in after college. I don’t know if Aaron Kyle Andresen — allegedly a Washington State alumnus who graduated in 2007 — is a real person or not, but his LinkedIn profile is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever come across in my days of Internet-ing. Loyal BroBible reader Dave passed it along this afternoon and I haven’t stopped laughing at it.

“The one and fucking only!” Aaron Kyle Andresen’s various jobs around the Pacific Northwest include at a Regal movie theater where he was “That Guy That Caused Nothing But Problems And Wrote S-E-X With Movie Title Letters” and “The Dish Washer Who Was Told He’d Be Fired If He Didn’t Get Back To Work When Sick With Diarrhea” at Dennys. His more recent professional experience includes “The Project Manager That Survived Lay Offs And Jumped Ship After The Company Went Bankrupt” and “The Logistics Guy That Spent Most Of His Time Cheering His Seahawks Instead of Working.”

In a professional world where people take LinkedIn waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too seriously, I love Aaron Kyle Andresen’s candor, even if it’s just to show how much of a farce LinkedIn actually is. This is hands down the hardest I’ve ever laughed at someone’s LinkedIn profile. Go see it for yourself on LinkedIn, or check out the screencaps below.

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