This Is The All-Time Worst Way Ever To Waste 7 Giant Bags Of Weed Equaling $5,000

We take you to the sleepy town of Merstham in the United Kingdom where a one of the most all-time flagrant waste of marijuana occurred. It appears that some individuals had a lot of weed. When I say a lot, I’m saying seven bags that were three-feet high and had a street value of $5,000. That’s a lot. Well the individuals that owned the bags left them on the property of a farm. To which some hungry goats had pot luck and found the weed, which they promptly began feasting on the special grass. If you were looking for the highest quality wool, I think you just found it.

Now how you misplace seven three-foot high bags of weed is beyond me, but if you had seven three-foot high bags of weed, there’s a good chance that you smoked more than the recommended serving size and got a teensie bit forgetful. The farm shop manager Nellie Budd (What an appropriate last name) was a total buzzkill and stopped the sheep from their impromptu cannabis party and informed the authorities.

Budd talks about the b-aa-aa-aa-d trip:

“My sheep weren’t quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies. They haven’t had any other side effects but I’ll tell you about the meat next week.”

Does this mean when they eat their sheep that they’re actually eating edibles? I guess “Baked Sheep” is on the menu next week.

At first the sheep must have been so excited that some generous human bestowed upon them seven huge bags of grass.


Then the sheep must have really been thankful that some generous human bestowed upon them seven huge bags of grass.