Watch a ‘Walking Dead’ Prank Freak the Shit Out of New Yorkers

by 4 years ago


See? This is why you don’t walk over subway grates. EVER. If the grate isn’t collapsing into itself and sending you to a bloody death at the hands of the 6 train, it smells. If it’s not slippery as fuck, it’s harboring an army of the undead. This city will kill us all; but still, don’t help it by walking over the subway grates.

Jesus, that got dark. This winter is taking its toll on me. Anyway, pranksters associated with the Walking Dead recently scared the shit out of pedestrians by sticking “zombies” underneath a street. The resulting video is definitive proof that if the zombie apocalypse ever were to come to NYC, its citizens would not handle it well.

[H/T: Gothamist]

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