That Tall, Refreshing Glass Of Water You Are Drinking Right Now Once Passed Through A Dinosaur’s Dick

I never really thought about this before, but it’s true that the amount of water on Earth essentially remains constant. Rain doesn’t come from space. It comes from already existing water. So while no one knows where all that water originally came from (Gandalf?), scientist do believe that the water we are drinking has been on the Earth for billions of years.

(Not sure how a bottled water company hasn’t added that to their label yet with some flowery prose. “Our water is the oldest water on Earth. Spending billions of years absorbing this planet’s naturally reoccurring minerals, AquaOld is the water we evolved to consume.)

That means that the very same water was also once drank by dinosaurs and then urinated into the ground and reabsorbed into the water cycle again and again and again.

Sure, that was hundreds of millions of years ago, but if you close your eyes when you take a sip, you can practically picture your lips right up against the gargantuan cock of a Brachiosaurus, he ready to douse your waiting mouth with his hot piss.


[Via B Mart]