Look At This Snake Thinking He’s Tough Enough To Drag An Entire Catfish Out Of A Pond And Eat It

First off, I want to send a shout out to BroBible editor David Covucci for sending me this video, because it’s been blowing my mind all morning. And now for the video: Jason Dickerson was on a fishing trip to Falls Lake, North Carolina, paddling around in his brand new kayak when he noticed something out of the ordinary: a friggin’ water snake dragging a large catfish out of the lake and onto a rock. Apparently the snake saw an easy meal in the sizable catfish and decided to seize the opportunity. Only the catfish isn’t an easy meal at all, because compared to the size of the snake that catfish is humongous.

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That’s when Jason Dickerson whipped out his camera and grabbed footage of the snake dragging this catfish to dry land, and already this clip is going viral (and for good reason). It’s not every day that you see a snake, let alone a water snake dragging a fish out of the water. I mean, honestly I have no idea what that snake was even trying to do here. Is it trying to grab that fish to feed an entire snake village? Because there’s no way in hell that tiny water snake is going to swallow that whole fish.