SUCK IT, SHEETZ — Wawa Has Been Named America’s Favorite Convenience Store, Because Wawa Is A Lifestyle



If you’re from the Eastern part of the United States, you probably feel very strongly about your favorite convenience store. Personally, I grew up in the Sheetz country part of Central Pennsylvania and Sheetz was a part of my every day life. But Pennsylvania is a divided state, with the eastern half greatly embracing the superiority of Wawa in every way possible.

And they’re not wrong. Wawa is ALWAYS legit. If you’re hungry, the hoagies (not heroes… not subs… HOAGIES) are a superior convenience store hoagie. Also great: The coffee, the Wawa-branded ice tea, and the colorful rack of kettle-cooked UTZ potato chips and Tastykakes, tempting you with well-deserved fat grams that are always worth it.

In college, at Penn State, I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed kids from Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey argue with kids from Western Pennsylvania over the Sheetz vs. Wawa debate. Both parties are steadfast in their opinions. But now a study of 7,000 consumers has finally knighted a champion. Wawa now officially wears the crown. The debate is over.

Wawa hoagies > MTOs.


Market Force

This finally settles the most Pennsylvania debate since cheesesteaks vs. Primanti Brothers sandwiches. And the winner of the debate is always cheesesteaks, because putting french fries on your sandwiches is for barbaric, Ben Roethlisberger-loving savages.

And now, back to Pawnsylvania…