Wawa Is Now Serving Beer In DelCo And Philly Bros Everywhere Are Like ‘LET’S F*CKING GOOOOO!!!!’

You know how many times in my life I’ve rolled into a Wawa and wished I could walk out with a 12-banger of Bud Lights to compliment my Italian hoagie? Thousands. Except The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the most ass-backwards booze laws in America, thus forcing me to make two trips to a stupid six pack store or a beer distributor.

Fortunately, those laws are slowly being chiseled away. Sheetz in Altoona and other parts of Central PA began carrying beer a few years back. Now it’s Wawa’s turn, with a store in DelCo to be the first to serve beer, along with “restaurant-style” seating. via CBS Philly:

Officials say other highlights of the grand reopening event include: tours of the redesigned store featuring a walk-in beer cooler and single serve and six pack section for beer sales, a ribbon cutting ceremony, a statement from Wawa’s President and CEO Chris Gheysens, and a beer tasting event featuring local brewers.

The brewers will also suggest a list of Wawa foods the beers pair well with.

The store will open Thursday at 9 a.m.

Reactions from SEPTA land are extremely enthusiastic.

Hell yea. Beer at Wawa…. Just like the state of Maryland has had for FUCKING YEARS. 

Now if we could get a Total Wine in Pennsylvania and do away with the state-run liquor store system, that’d be really chill.

About time we caught up, PA.

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