This Is Supposedly The Best Way To Get A Free Upgrade Into First Class On An Airplane



The last time I rode in coach I got seated next to a giant man. I don’t mean “fat,” I don’t mean “chubby,” I mean GIANT. This guy made The Rock look like Tiny Tim and would’ve had Games of Thrones’ The Mountain shaking in his shoes at the prospect of going up against him in a battle to the death. And here I was, little 115 pound me, crushed into a window seat on this monster’s left.

It was a two hour flight. It felt like two hundred.

And it’s not even his fault; I recognize he can’t control how big he is just like I can’t control what a bitch I am (lies). Yet as seats in coach grow ever smaller now is more the time than ever to figure out how to con your way into sitting first class fo’ free. In a post to Cosmopolitan, Catriona Harvey-Jenner divulges advice she received from a British Ariways flight attendant:

All you do, apparently, to give you a better chance of being upgraded is to avoid pre-selecting a seat when you check in online prior to your flight.

If you’ve already set yourself up with a seat, you’re sorted in the airline’s eyes.

But if you’re still potentially floating anywhere around the plane, then there’s at least a glimmer of hope that they could find you an extra-comfy space in, say, business class.

This is obviously not a foolproof method, as you could still potentially wind up sitting next to the bastard child of Andre the Giant and the cast of The Expendables. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to hope, right?

[H/T Cosmopolitan]