The Way This Woman Quit Her Job Will Go Down In History As The Most Spectacularly Crazy Way Ever

Dropping your pants and cussing out an entire restaurant (is this a restaurant? It looks like one but I’m not 100%) after slapping your giant, fat ass sure is a memorable, albeit crude way to quit your job. The only problem here is that the whole thing was caught on video, which means whether she likes it or not, her little stunt will live ad infinitum on the Internet. Lucky for her, there’s no name associated with the video which means she retains at least a small bit of anonymity, but at the same time if her kids read BroBible, well…they’re in for a bit of a shock.

Unless this is really just another day for her, as when she’s at home dropping her pants and slapping her ass is her way of saying “No thank you good sir!”

Somehow I don’t think that’s the case – but who knows? People are weird

[H/T Ladbible]