We Had A Gay Old Time At New York City’s Gay Pride Parade (VIDEO)

Did you know that the Supreme Court recently ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in every state across our great country? You know who was very aware of this fact? Everyone we met down at New York City’s Gay Pride Parade! They were downright giddy.

Since the ruling happened merely two days before the parade in NYC, people were fired up like I’ve never seen. Rainbows were literally shooting out of their orifices, which as far as medical conditions go, is a pretty sweet one.

We couldn’t miss out on this historic moment in our country’s history, so I put on the gayest shirt I owned, and headed to the parade to mix it up with the people. It was one of the more memorable events I’ve ever attended, and surprisingly, also the one with the most amount of boobs! Check it out for yourself.