Weatherman Decides To Add Explosive Fart Noises To His Report About The Wind, Is Promptly Fired

by 2 years ago

Szilard Horvath, a Hungarian weatherman who may or may not have severe gastrointestinal problems, decided it would be a good idea to throw in a couple explosive fart noises to his weather report.

Unfortunately for Szilard, he hadn’t asked for his boss’ permission, and after his segment aired he was quickly fired. Writing on Facebook, Szilard pointed out that “If Mr. Bean or Benny Hill farts, everyone laughs, but now a big deal is being made about this.”

…well, yeah. Mr. Bean and Benny Hill are funny. You, are the other hand, just look like a moron.

Better luck next time (but not really).

[H/T Metro]

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