Bride Tries To ‘Kill The Dress’, Ends Up Almost Killing Herself In The Process

What a way to end the wedding that would’ve been! The bride makes a big show of ‘trashing the dress’, diving into the water wearing that wedding dress that probably cost many thousands of dollars, only to find out that swimming in a wedding is not feasible. She’s got everyone so pumped up! Hours after getting married that groom was almost home free.

I don’t feel like anyone should have to explain why this was a ridiculous idea, but I might as well: the folds/layers on that dress are a death trap. She essentially jumped into the buoyant salt water with tens of layers of cloth in a cone shape, and the second those fluffy layers hit the dense salt water her body weight plunged to the bottom while the dress stayed up at top, creating a labyrinth of silk on the surface trapping her below.

This actually takes me back to HS, when I was a debutante escort….Before you judge me for that just know that it was a way to score awesome meals and kill time tricking bartenders into serving me when I was underage. I’ll never forget the party for the debutante (Lynn-De) that I was escorting because the center pieces on the table had goldfish in them, and were decorated with glass pebbles and floating silk and mesh pieces. It looked great when the party kicked off, but by the time we’d been served the salad course the goldfish had already began getting their gills caught in the mesh, like fishing nets, and were dying in front of all the party’s attendees. It was priceless watching the horror around the room as someone would be chewing their beef tenderloin and look up to see a tiny goldfish dying as they swallowed. Those fish, like this bride, didn’t seem to grasp that trying to swim through layers and layers and unlimited folds is essentially a death trap. Thankfully for this bride there was a team of people on hand to bail her out before she drowned, and all she got out of it was a great video.