Guy Doesn’t Feel Like Showing Up For MC Gig At Wedding So He’s Looking For Help In The Worst Possible Place

Wedding DJ


It takes a certain type of person to be a wedding MC. He must be good enough to talk in front of a crowd barely paying attention, have no skills useful to get an actual job, and own a tuxedo. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, here’s a quick paying gig that might be of interest.

Here’s the actual listing:

I am in need of a stand-in wedding MC. I am scheduled too MC a friends wedding but do too unforeseen circumstances I wont be available for it. (Really there is a bunch of people I don’t want to see and I would rather binge watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black) . His wife is a stress case so I don’t want to throw this on them last minute and have him listen to her nag for the last days of their courtship. I would rather find a experienced and humorous MC to fill the spot. Its open bar so at some point in the night I am sure you will get funny. So if you want to have the time of your life, dance your pants off (or dress), and be a legend. Message me for more details. I will give you a heads up on my ex’s that are there that you will want to steer clear of…

“I would rather find a experienced and humorous MC to fill the spot” to replace an inexperienced and unfunny MC. Instead of calling around to experienced and responsible MCs in the area, he’s putting an ad out on Craigslist. Right next to ads for free VCRs and chubby asian guys looking for friends.

Long story short, this useless piece of shit planning to ruin a person’s wedding just because he “doesn’t want to run into some people” is looking for another useless piece of shit willing to pretend to be an MC to further ruin a person’s wedding.

It’s sure to be a day no one will forget.

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