Wedding Party Poses for Picture on Dock, Everyone Gets Wet


The wedding photography game is a good racket. The photographers charge large and people gladly pay because this is the most special day of their lives and cost is no issue. But in order to look like they’re not robbing you blind, the picture-takers must suggest a dozen or so poses for the wedding party to try out. Otherwise you could just have your art school cousin take the pictures and put them up on Facebook the next day.

Occasionally, these poses are misguided. Art, after all, is a trial-and-error enterprise. You never know until you give it a shot.

Unless “IT” is having an entire wedding party climb up onto a dock and smile. That you can kind of predict might not go so well.

Hey, at least this didn’t happen right before the ceremony. What’s that? It did?

Well shit.

Better luck next wedding.