Lawyer Bros Write Hilarious Song About Why You Should Never, Ever, EVER Make Weed Brownies In Texas

Until this morning I had no clue just how dangerous it was to cook or possess pot brownies in the state of Texas. If you’re caught cooking an entire tray/batch of weed brownies then you’re looking at a potential LIFE IN PRISON sentence. And that’s exactly what the impetus for this song above was…And by the way, this song is awesome and these lawyers seem like great guys.

Back in 2014, a 19-year-old in Texas (with a previously clean criminal record) was facing life in prison for possessing pot brownies. The teen later took a plea deal after over 100,000 people on the Internet signed a petition and prosecutors realized the potential shit storm they had on their hands. After that incident, the lawyers above from Hutson & Harris, Attorneys put together this pot brownies song telling the public the risks of cooking or possessing weed brownies in Texas.

By the way, if you’re looking for the Best Weed Brownies recipe on the planet just follow that link…now we can keep moving on.

Here are the lyrics for those of you unwilling to listen:

Walking down the aisle, At the H.E.B.
Picking up supplies, for a party,
You got some butter, and you got some eggs
You got a box of Duncan Hines brownie mix

If you add in, a little bit of marijuana,
Better not get caught,
Or Else you’re gonna’
Get arrested – with a major felony,
For a small amount of weed.

Making pot brownies is a big mistake
If you live in Texas, while you bake.
Because the butter and the flower and the oil
Are all included in the weight

If you make – cannabutter or hash oil from the pot
It’s a “concentrate,” and if you get caught
It’s a felony,
Of the 2nd Degree,
For a single pot Brownie

When you shake up, some marijuana,
Kief comes out, and we know you’re gonna’
Melt it in butter, and make food
But when your neighbor calls the cops then you’re screwed

Because the state Texas – Says – that it’s not weed
If it’s not – attached to Trees,
It’s legally the same as cocaine
And That’s Insane

Making pot brownies is a big mistake
If you live in Texas, while you bake.
Because all of the ingredients are counted
When they’re adding up the weight

If you make a whole tray, you’re going away for life,
You’ll be punished just like you murdered your wife,
It’s a felony of the first degree,
For a Tray of pot brownies….Yeah…
it’s always a felony, of some degree,
When you’re cooking pot brownies

This is no fucking joke. Get caught with a tray of weed brownies in Texas and you’re facing the same potential sentence as a murdered. Drive north from Texas until you hit Colorado and you can purchase a lifetime supply of weed brownies for less than you’d spend on a motorcycle. This is the divisive world we’re living in.

…(h/t r/videos)…