This Guy DIED After He Smoked Pot For The First Time

by 4 years ago


Weed doesn’t always affect everyone in the same way. Some people eat a shitload of food, some become really annoying and won’t shut the fuck up, and others get hit by trains. Okay, so MAYBE that last one isn’t exactly a widespread side effect…but for Australian Tom Bond, who’d just smoked marijuana for the first time, it was.

” Tom Bond, from Ipswich in Queensland smoked marijuana in the early hours of Saturday morning, but is said to have had a severe reaction to the drug.
He ran onto the train tracks at Bumdamba station and was killed instantly…”

It looks like the poor kid had some sort of panic attack after getting high, although I’m not a doctor so don’t take my word for it. While 99.99999% of people don’t have suffer any severe side effects after smoking weed, a statistic I just made up, you can’t definitively say it’s 100% safe. According to the Australian Drug Foundation,

“…over 35 percent of Australians 14 years or older have used cannabis at least once in their life…
‘However, there is growing evidence that cannabis use has the potential to have adverse physical, psychological and social outcomes,’ the study noted.”

Via Daily Mail

So there you go kids. If you’re gonna smoke weed, make sure it won’t fuck you up, and if it does, don’t get killed over it.


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