Someone Used A 500x Microscope To Look At The Stickiest Weed Nugs And I Feel Like I’m Peering Into Another Dimension

Someone over on Snoop Dogg’s ‘MERRY JANE’ YouTube channel had the brilliant stoner idea to take a high-resolution/quasi-powerful microscope and put the stickiest ickiest weed nugs underneath it in a series titled ‘Seed to Strain: Journey Into Weed’. The resulting images are straight out of a 1980’s Earth Science VHS tape where some hippie dude in thick-rimmed spectacles is spitting hot truth about space, aliens, and life. When I first saw this clip I thought I was watching the trailer for Avatar 2, or I’d accidentally dropped some liquid LSD into my morning coffee. It’s awesome, and as a professional appreciator of the finest strains of marijuana, this is like pornography. I don’t even particularly enjoy smoking weed or eating THC-edibles as much as I do just staring deeply into crystallized nugs that look like they’ve been sprayed in ice.

Here are some stills from Snoop Dogg‘s Merry Jane video…and is it just me or do these look like pork rinds from outer space? When looking at these just keep in mind these are the same strains of weed you or anyone would be smoking today:

Weed, so hot right now. We’re now three months away from the general election and marijuana will be on the ballots of nine states (some medical and some recreational). Here in Florida, the heiress to the Publix Grocery Store fortune has recently donated $800,000 to an anti-marijuana lobby because she wants to make sure all of her grocery stores which double as pharmacies are still able to keep Floridians addicted to opiates and won’t get the medical marijuana they desperately need. Marijuana‘s a hotly contested topic and it always has been, it’s just even more topical now than ever because it’s on ballots all across the nation.

I honestly haven’t smoked weed or eaten an edible in probably 9 months at this point but when November hits I’ll be voting in favor of Florida passing a medical marijuana bill because I believe the government has no business regulating something like weed when they turn a blind shoulder elsewhere, and medical marijuana has immensely untapped potential to break patient’s dependency on opioids. I’m not here to influence your vote at all, just throwing my two cents in the ring.

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