A ‘Weed World’ Truck Filled With Marijuana Candy Went Up In Flames On The Delaware Memorial Bridge (Videos)

Weed World drives around in a van emblazoned with pro-marijuana images, and as an organization, their goal is to spread awareness about marijuana legalization efforts and not to spread actual THC-laced candy. The candies sold by Weed World are found to contain hemp, and no actual THC at all, and I know this because I’ve had no less than 5 friends and co-workers get hustled by this van in NYC before. They tell people on the street that Weed World is selling weed candy, and imply that they’ll get customers high…they won’t.

But that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from reporting this as a van full of the devil’s lettuce going up in flames and implying that the smoke from this van could get everyone in Philadelphia high:

via 6ABC News:

DELAWARE MEMORIAL BRIDGE (WPVI) — The marijuana advocacy group Weed World Candies confirms one of its promotional recreational vehicles (RVs) caught fire on the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
It happened around 6 p.m. Sunday on the eastbound side of the bridge heading into Salem County, New Jersey.
Police say the RV, which was filled with marijuana candy, was en route to Philadelphia when it caught fire, sending flames and smoke into the air that could be seen from miles away.
Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and placed it under control.

If it wasn’t for the hilarious images on the side of the van and the fact that the people driving these vans trick customers into believing that they’re buying weed candies there really wouldn’t be much of a story here, other than ‘truck on fire shuts down bridge’. A look at the Yelp! reviews show how the drivers lie to customers and it’s kind of a big scam, but here we are.

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