Here’s Your International Super Weird Cow-Related Video Round-Up

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HUGE day for international cow-related video content. Whoever just took over as Viral Public Relations Manager for cows is killing the game. I’m gonna have to hire this guy or gal to help me up my amount of Twitter followers.

The weird thing is that these two videos seem like they should totally be related, but they’re not. One video leads into the other so seamlessly. Without the first video, the second video would seem super weird, but if you think of the first vid as giving context to the second vid, it makes complete sense.

Here’s our first video. It’s pretty much what you would expect to see happening on CCTV footage in India. Just a guy shoving a huge cow into the backseat of his car. So many reactions here.
A) My dad gets mad at me if I let people eat in the car, yet this dude is shoving in full grown cows. There’s no way that that is good for the upholstery.
B) I thought cows in India are supposed to be sacred. This is no way to treat a sacred creature. This is like me aggressively shoving some big fat rabbi into the back seat of my car.
C) This does NOT seem to be an appropriate cow car. If this guy told me he was planning on trying to fit two suitcases into this car, I’d be like, “it ain’t gonna happen, dude,” and yet, he’s able to cram in this cow. Your move, clowns.

Okay, cool, so cow is now safely in the backseat of the car. Great. What now? That’s where video two comes in.

I would guess that these have to be the same two cars, right? How many people are shoving cows into their backseat? The answer, I’ve gathered, is many. The cars are clearly different colors, and video one is purported to take place in India, while video two is in Russia. I’m no geographical expert (officially), but that seems like an awful long way to transport a cow in such a small car.

I’ve been known to have a cow or two in my backseat, but it’s only because I’d been going through a dry spell and didn’t want to show up to a club with zero girls. HAHAHA, zing. Terrific.

I’ll show myself out.

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