These Are The WEIRDEST Presidential Products This Election Season Has Managed To Bless Us With

by 5 years ago

This election season has been more of a farce than usual, what with topless women coming out to protest Donald Trump and hookers offering free sex in exchange for a vote for Hillary Clinton, it’s no surprise that toy manufacturers have been getting themselves into the game by creating stupid novelties that only fanatical idiots would purchase.

That being said, it’s probably safe to assume you’re in the house of a raging hardo if you see any of these products sitting about. Who buys a Hillary Clinton action figure? Or a Bernie Sanders one, for that matter? Doesn’t matter how much you love him because he’s still not going to win the nomination, regardless of how many Bernie toys you buy (shocking, I know).

Despite the uselessness of most of these toys, I’ll admit that the Donald Trump dog chew is actually a good buy, despite the fact that no, The Donald himself is not a good candidate. Weird how things work out sometimes, huh?

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