Zoologist Talking About How Hard It Is To Find Blue Whales Gets Videobombed By, You Guessed It, A Blue Whale

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YouTube / BBC

Zoologist Mark Carwardine was on camera for a taping of Big Blue Live, a BBC nature show, and he was going on and on and on about how hard it is to find blue whales in the ocean due to this, that, and the other thing.

This is just one of nature’s perfect little jokes, because a man like Mark Carwardine can spend his entire life in the field of Zoology/Marine Biology, seeking out whales for very specific reasons, and always striking out, then when he’s not really looking for whales that’s precisely when they show up.

This truly is an incredible clip, and one of the most unlikely coincidences I’ve ever seen caught on camera. For you bros out there who aren’t really up on your blue whale knowledge I’m about to drop some blue whale facts on you so when you share this clip with your bros you can sound über intelligent:

The blue whale, as far as we know, is the largest and heaviest animal to have ever existed on planet Earth (including the dinosaurs).

Due to their massive size blue whales are rarely attacked by anything other than a whaling ship piloted by human beings.

It’s estimated that there are only 5,000 to 12,000 living blue whales in our oceans today, and that prior to the whaling craze there were (estimated) somewhere between 200,000 and 310,000 blue whales in our oceans…that’s how badly whaling decimated the population of blue whales.

Blue whales can consume over 7900 pounds of krill (tiny shrimp) per day as part of their diet.

The average penis length of a blue whale is between 8 to 10 feet in length.

And last but not least, this is what it looks like when a blue whale drops a deuce in the ocean:

[BBC Earth Unplugged]

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