A New Study Determined At What Age Dudes Drink The Most

At what age were you doing your best boozing? When you were 20, a sophomore in college, completely indestructible? Was it 21, when the world of bars first opened up to you? Maybe it was 22, when your liver knew what it was doing?

Or 27, when real heartbreak hit, and the only thing that could console you was a bottle of whiskey? How about 30, when life started to wear you down?

I’m not sure what age I was when I had my most average drinks per week, but a new study by BMC Medicine estimates that it was probably age 25.

That’s when men throughout the U.K. did their most drinking, which peaked at 13 drinks a week.

Sounds about right. At 25, I think I was going through a handle of Crown Royal every other day (unfortunately that’s not an exaggeration). From The Washington Post:

For the average man, alcohol consumption peaks at age 25 at around 13 drinks per week according to the study, which consolidated data from 9 longitudinal studies in the U.K. to derive the chart of lifetime consumption above [not shown here]. Women drank considerably less than men, peaking at a little less than 4 drinks per week.


While the study is not a direct correlation to behavior of Americans, it’s a pretty good assumption. Weren’t you your drunkest at 25? It checks out anecdotally, at least for me.

If you haven’t reached that age, though, good luck. It’s a fucking blast. My roommates once came home to me passed out naked on our living room couch at like 3 p.m. I met a girl for a first date like three hours after that.

Yep. Twenty-five is a good age for being drunk.

But don’t worry. When you’re 50, you’ll still have eight drinks or so a week. Not a bad life. And that’s only if you are average. So be exceptional, Bros. Be exceptional. Or also don’t ever booze because it is terrible.