Ever Wondered What Happens To Astronaut Poop? You Should, Because It’s Pretty Boss

As my co-worker David Covucci is known to say now and then, “Space is dope.” And he’s right. Space is dope.

Why do I say that? Well, have you ever had your poop “burn up in the atmosphere and look like shooting stars?” Nope. And you never will.

But that’s exactly what astronaut Scott Kelly’s poop will be doing as he spends a year on the International Space Station. In fact, about 180 pounds of his doo-doo will end up looking like a shooting star according to this sweet graphic the folks over at NASA recently put together.

Of course, he also has to drink about 730 liters of recycled urine and sweat, but I think it’d be totally worth for shooting-star poop, don’t you?

H/T HuffPost