Move Over, BitCoin: The Internet Is Freaking Out Because Another Cryptocurrency — Ethereum — Is Going Bonkers

by 2 years ago

The Great CryptoCurrency Boom of 2017 is like watching a wild pinball machine — The price of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin seems to skyrocket for a new reason every single day. After a dip down to $2200 at the end of May, BitCoin is soaring at close to $3000 per. While some analyst forecast $100,000 prices in a few years, veteran investors like Mark Cuban aren’t buying into the hype.

Which leads us to Ethereum, a BitCoin alternative that’s hockey-sticking like crazy in price. Just six months ago, in the middle of January, Ethereum was priced around $10 per unit. It’s experienced almost 3600% growth since then, now trading at $360 per unit. Your $500 investment in Ethereum six months ago would be worth $18000.