What Kind Of Sick, Twisted Person Thought Of This Gross ‘Wine And Cheese Shot’ Concept?

by 1 year ago

I like wine. I like cheese. I like wine and cheese together while mingling with other human beings at social functions where I know I can get a free snack and tolerate the company of others thanks to the wonders of booze.

THAT SAID — This is so sick shit. In an attempt to get as many Facebook shares as possible, PopSugar Food dreamt up of something called “The Wine And Cheese” shot. You melt cheap ass cheddar cheese that’s barely worthy of a quesadilla into the shape of a shot glass than fill it with red vino. It’s sacrilege anyone who dabbles in the wine and cheese lifestyle.

Just look at this gross monstrosities. I want to upchuck last night’s pinot noir just looking at them.



Fortunely, people are calling this bullshit out:


This is the most forced, fake “mmmm, this is gross and I hate my job” smile I’ve ever seen in my life. But hey — anything for that sweet, silky Facebook engagement boast:


“I just duped millions of people and Facebook’s food-loving algorithm into thinking this is a good idea. LOL!”

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