What This Guy Received Is Why You Should NEVER Buy A Cheap Phone Off eBay

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I happen to believe that there are three things in life that a bro should never skimp on: a car, a smartphone, and a bed. If you add up the cumulative amount of time that you spend each day/week/month/year using your phone + car + bed then we’re talking well over 75% of your life, on average. Even if you live in a city and don’t own a car just add up the amount of time that you use your phone + bed and you’ll see what I mean. Well, the reason I’m driving this point home is because this bro learned a valid (probably NSFW) lesson in why skimping on a smartphone can backfire.

Redditor ‘chrissssssssssssssss‘ purchased what he described as a ‘cheap phone off eBay‘ and snapped a picture of what arrived in the mail. Suffice it to say that Chris will never be fully comfortable holding this phone up to his ear knowing what he now knows. As I mentioned before this might be considered NSFW for some, depending on your school and/or work situation:



That’s what you get for ordering a cheap ass phone off of eBay and not investing in the one piece of technology you use more than anything else in your life. Sure you might use your TV for a few hours a day but you use your smartphone a fuckton more. DON’T BE CHEAP or you’ll end up with flesh monsters stamped onto the screen of your phone.


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