Scientists Claim These Are The Parts Of The Body Where It’s Cool For You To Touch Strangers And Not Be Creepy

Have you been living your entire life uncertain of where it’s safe to touch your best friends, relatives, even strangers? It’s cool bro, you’re not alone. Apparently lots and lots of people have been bugging out on where to touch strangers for quite some time, and this issue was of such importance that a group of scientists got together to create a heat map of the body showing where it’s safe to touch each person in your life.

Not sure where to touch your father? There’s a map for that.
Not sure where to touch your cousin? The heat map’s got you covered, bro.

Just memorize this ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ map and you’ll never find yourself nut checking a stranger at the bar again (though according to the map it’s cool to do that to friends.

If those heat maps are a little small for you here’s that image split in half so that it’s easier for you bros to read:

So let’s recap:

Good Touch (friends):

Bad Touch (strangers):

Still not clear on where it’s cool for you to touch strangers, your aunt, or your dad? The study ‘Topography of social touching depends on emotional bonds between humans’ was published this week in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences‘, and you can follow that link to read it in full.