Where You Drink Your Whiskey Matters

Science got into the drinking game this month, and in a study in Flavour Journal, science determined that setting significantly affects how you view the flavor profile of your whiskey. Subjects of the study were all poured the same type of whiskey and were sent to drink it in one of three different rooms (Related: how do you sign up for these?). Each room was designed to evoke a different feeling. The result was that people identified notes in the whiskey that correlated with the type of room they were in. 

Specifically, the whisky was rated as being significantly grassier in the Nose (‘grassy’) room, as being significantly sweeter in the Taste (‘sweet’) room, and as having a significantly woodier aftertaste in the Finish (‘woody’) room. Overall, the participants preferred the whisky when they tasted it in the Finish room.

So there you have it. The best place to drink a glass of whiskey is in a wood-paneled room with a crackling fire and big leather chairs. The best kind of whiskey is whatever the fuck you want. Stupid science, I could have told you that. Who wants to drink a glass of whiskey in an Adirondack chair in the middle of July? That's beer weather. Perhaps these scientists should have skipped the whole process and read BroBible's nine-step guide to drinking whiskey

[H/T Science Shot]