These Maps Show Which States Have The Most Virgins As Well As Which Ones You’re Most Likely To Get Laid In



For those of you who have trouble getting laid despite being handsome, educated and gainfully employed to boot, maybe it’s because you’re living in the wrong state. OkCupid compiled user data into pretty lil’ pink maps of the United States to see which states not only have the most virgins (where you’re not exactly likely to get laid) as well as which states have the most people looking for casual sex (JACKPOT). Unsurprisingly, no one in Utah is getting laid:



Almost 20% of people in Utah are virgins, whereas second place goes to South Dakota with nearly 19% and Idaho with almost 17%. However if you’re wondering where the most people searching for casual sex live, you’ll have to travel to Oregon and Washington, where 15.5% and 14.06% (respectively) of people surveyed are just lookin’ to bang:



Oh, and in the event you STILL can’t find someone to ride your dick and just wind up masturbating all day every day, don’t feel bad – 23.6% of people get off once a day or more, whereas over 50% of people surveyed crank themselves at least once a week:



And if you ever thought being clever and having witty game was a plus, apparently your life is a lie because all you need to do is spam emojis out your butthole to get a response out of someone, specifically these ones:



In other words, people like to look at pretty pictures (emojis) rather than actually use their brain and read. Who would’ve thunk it besides, y’know…literally everyone.

[Via OkCupid]

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