You’ll Never Guess Which Tech Company Pays Its Interns The Highest Salary, And NO It’s Not Google

There are some days that I wish I had majored in something like computer science just for the money. Sure I would’ve had to bust my ass for 4 years in college, but…actually, no. Fuck real work, I’m okay with dicking around on the Internet in exchange for pennies.

But Jessica Shu, an undergrad at Cornell University, isn’t like me. For one, she’s a computer studies major, which right off the bat makes her 500x more intelligent than I am, and for two, she’s gotten a fuckload of high-paying internship offers.

Ask me if I ever did a paid internship. Ha-ha, who wants to pay an English major to do things? No one, that’s who.

In any case, Shu published a public Evernote notebook this past Friday which not only listed the monthly salary offers she and her friends have received, but from Reddit threads as well.

As for which tech company pays its interns the highest salary,Vocativ analyzed the list and came up with this conclusion:

Taking the stipends and housing expenses into account, as well as a monthly average of 170 working hours, Dropbox tops Shu’s list with a salary of $13,500, followed by Linkedin ($12,600) and Amazon in San Francisco and Foursquare in New York (tied at $11,000).

Stipends and housing expenses aside, global trading firm Jane Street leads the list with a salary of $10,400 a month, followed by Fitbit in San Francisco ($9,300) and Dropbox and Yelp (both tied at $8,500).

Are you regretting not majoring in some sort of engineering or computer-based field? Well don’t worry, here’s the full list to make yourself feel even worse about your lack of decision making skills:

Quora $8250/month + $1500 housing
Palantir: $7500 + housing (unpaid OT)
Pinterest: $7500 + $1.5k/month housing
Upthere: $6400/mo + $900/mo housing
Jane Street: $10,400/month
Dropbox: $8.5k salary + $5k housing stipend or provided housing (it is nice)
Google: $7000/month + Housing Stipend: “I think 9K?”
Yelp: $50/hour (post-negotiation)
Optimizely: $6k + $1.5 Housing (pre-negotiation)
Square: $7500/mo + $1500/mo housing (Doctorate Student Internship)
Goldman Sachs: $5000/month (unpaid OT)
LinkedIn: $44/hour (around $7600/month) + 5k relocation (one time)
Amazon Seattle: $6k salary + $2.5 per month housing ($8500)
Amazon SF: $7.5k salary + $3500/month
Fitbit SF: $9.3k/month
Edmodo: $7000/month + Paid OT
Apple: $6k and $3.5k per month housing ($9500)
Coursera KPCB: $7000/month and housing $1000/month + Macbook Pro
Facebook: $6.8k/mo (return) and housing: $1k/mo or corp housing
Foursquare NY: $6000/month and housing: $5k stipend
Microsoft Seattle: $7.5/mo + Housing $2.5k + $5k returning intern bonus
Zynga: $8k/mo

Biggest surprise on this list if you ask me? Zynga. All I hear about the game company lately is how they’ve been blowing chunks when it comes to making games that aren’t Farmville.

[Header image via Shutterstock, H/T Vocativ]