These People Are Posting On Whisper About How Much They Hate Having Sex And I’m Sorry Did You Say YOU HATE SEX?

Are you on Whisper? I’m not. I don’t have weird demons that I need to anonymously spew for strangers to digest. Nor do I have anything to get off my chest. No weird fetishes or demons or aliments or thoughts so heavy that I can’t go on living another day without putting them out there in the universe. But some people LOVE to share. More accurately, they love to OVERSHARE. Take these people who hate sex, for instance. They don’t just hate that one time their boyfriend tried to put it in their ass or their girlfriend tried to snake a digit up their ass. They hate it entirely.

Whether they don’t enjoy sex, or they can’t cum, or they find it boring (BORING!) they have no love for making love. I can’t relate to that. Sex is just fine in my book. Hell, I’d even say that I love it. But not these folks. Nope. They think sex stinks so they went on Whisper to proclaim that in all their anonymous glory.


Damn. That last one was HEAVY.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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