How Do These Idiots Not Know Who The Vice President Of The United States Is After EIGHT YEARS!?

Hmmm….maybe because they’re idiots? Just guessing here.

Okay, so I realize this video might be a little loaded, because more, erm, “politically-informed” people probably have far less of a likelihood of wasting their day at the beach by talking to some random guy sporting a Hillary For Prison shirt and touting a microphone asking questions, but I mean, COME ON NOW!!!

“He’s still alive, right?” – girl in the neon green bikini


“Is he a race car driver?” – dude with a Solo cup full of booze

Good guess but…COME ON!!!

How is it even possible to live here and not know the name of the Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden’s only been in office, let me see here…EIGHT YEARS. You had EIGHT YEARS to learn this guy’s name. He’s only the Vice President and everything. Only the second most powerful dude in the Executive Branch of our government, nbd.


[H/T InfoWars]