WHOA: An INTENSE Car Chase And Gun Battle Happened In Seattle And The Footage Is INSANE

Holy. Crap. Grand Theft Auto V in-real life happened over the weekend in Seattle. According to NBC News, a 35-year-old violent felon started “brandishing” handguns in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place market. This lead to an INTENSE high speed chase, with the man carjacking three cars and driving into on-coming traffic:

Officials initially received got a call from a coffee shop in the city’s famed Pike Place Market at around 12:35 p.m. local time (3:35 p.m. ET) after a sweating suspect who was “acting nervously” entered the cafe.

“He began manipulating a handgun in his pocket, leading employees to call 911,” according to police.

The suspect left and was then seen threatening employees and brandishing a gun in a nearby Turkish restaurant, a surfing and snowboarding store and finally a tattoo parlor, according to police.

He then ran into an alley behind the tattoo parlor where he commandeered a red Volkswagen Golf, police said. He then carjacked a red minivan, and tried unsuccessfully to take a Mercedes at a local gas station, before going on to steal the Chevy Camaro from a car rental agency, which is when police began pursuing him.

His eventual demise was met when he started driving towards cops, who gunned him down in a hail of fire and justice. Watch the whole dash-cam the Seattle PD released above. It’s INTENSE. I’m just waiting for the Internet to add the inevitable “WASTED!” GTA screen over the end of it.

Could you even imagine being the girl in the SUV that he rammed into? Makes you realize the stuff our police and first responders do in the interest of public safety.

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