10 Reasons Why Being Rich Is Awesome, By Instagram’s Most Famous Playboy Dan Bilzerian

Here at BroBible, we were one of the first blogs to cover the incredible playboy lifestyle of American venture capitalist/poker player/all-around badass Dan Bilzerian, who’s Instagram has racked up over 850,000 followers. He’s quite the Internet celebrity these days thanks to his Instagram pics of scantily-clad models, exotic cars, Gulfstream jets, powerful guns, and cash. Lots and lots of cash.

We reached out to Dan to see if he’d be interested in writing a post about his ballin’ lifestyle. He compiled this little list of why being rich is freakin’ awesome, as long as we gave his social channels a shout-out.


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1. Freedom: You can do almost anything you want without ever asking permission.

2. Time: You have more time for fun because you don’t have to work.

3. Women: You become the prize and it’s much better to be the one being chased.

4. Power: If you are really rich, you can make or break someone’s life.

5. Respect: People respect financial success.

6. Staff: It makes financial sense to pay people to do everything you don’t want to do.

7. Toys: You get to buy everything you ever wanted as a kid or adult.

8. Comfort: Flying private and staying in nice hotels is much easier and more comfortable.

9. Experience: You can go to almost any event or travel wherever you want.

10. Knowledge: After you experience all this you truly know and understand that money alone doesn’t equal happiness.  It’s the road to the top that makes you happy, not the sitting at the top.

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