Why You’ve Been Drinking Beer All Wrong


It’s an absolute travesty that the general beer drinking public at large believes that the colder the beer, the better is tastes. That’s probably the case for your cheap domestic swill, but when it comes to something perfectly craft brewed for a unique taste experience, coldness kills the flavors of the brew.

This week’s episode of Esquire Network’s BrewDogs proves that colder does not equal better. James Watt and Martin Dickie befriend a local Alaskan outdoorsman (who looks just like “Blue” from Old School) to drink some beers in a remote glacier ice cave, where they were gathering glacial water for their brew. Check out the exclusive clip from this week’s episode of BrewDogs to see why cold beer isn’t necessarily good beer.

All new BrewDogs airs on Wednesdays at 9PM/8PM C on the Esquire Network.



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