This Is Supposedly Why Girls Are More Down To Have Sex With Other Girls Than Men Are To Do Anything With Other Men



If there’s one rite of passage that every dude goes through before he hits 25, it’s seeing two girls make out with each other at least once. If you went to college, you’ve probably seen it happen so many times you lost count (unless you were a boner who never went out partying/drinking, in which case we pity you), and if you didn’t, well…here’s some gifs to make you feel better:

giphy-18 giphy-17 giphy-16 giphy-15

And just in case you like your semi-erotic gifs a little more exotic:


But there’s a question that precisely zero people have asked upon witnessing this phenomenon, and it’s “Why are girls more likely to make out than dudes?” Literally no one has wondered this, because what kind of guy watches two chicks going at it and contemplates what biological drive brought these two ladies to come together for a hot make-out sesh.

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa has apparently wondered this for quite some time, as in the journal Biological Reviews the good doctor suggests that women might be “evolutionarily designed to be sexually fluid” because of the pressures they historically faced as co-wives in polygamous marriages:

The dirty doc claimed that lusty wives would often have sex with the other women in the relationship, “therefore reducing conflict and tension inherent in such marriages”.

If his wives were in each other’s bed rather than at each other’s throats, the man was then likely to be more amenable to having babies with them.

“The theory suggests that women may not have sexual orientations in the same sense as men do,” said Dr. Kanazawa.

“Rather than being straight or gay, to whom women are sexually attracted may depend largely on the particular partner, their reproductive status, and other circumstances.”

The raunchy researcher suggested his theory could explain why men enjoy watching women having sex with each other as well as solving “a number of puzzles in human sex research”.(via)

OR, men just enjoy watching women have sex because we’re not hairy, are generally more pleasant to look at and don’t grunt like fucking wildebeests when humping. We also don’t have strange body odors emanating from random places and are at a 0% risk of getting jizz in our own eyes.

In other words, watching chicks have sex >>> watching men have sex.

But is that preference really because of polygamous practices in the past (holy alliteration Batman)? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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