This Video Of Wiener Dogs Dressed Up As Minions Is Breaking The Internet

These dachshunds dressed up as Minions, with Minions sounds overlaid on them playing is in the process of breaking the Internet. This video’s going viral, spreading as fast as wildfire. And after watching it you’ll know why. As far as dogs go, I’ve never been particularly in love with dachshunds. If we’re being honest my aversion to wiener dogs is probably because I’ve never really spent any time around them. Lately though my feelings towards dachshunds have really been changing. For whatever reason it seems like every time I take my dog for a walk these days we bump into a long-haired dachshund on the street, and they’re quite possibly the most adorable dogs I never knew I liked. Big personalities, affectionate, and not shy at all. Pretty much everything you’re looking for in a small dog, right?

As far as the video above goes, if the PR team behind the movie Minions were smart they’d just use this as a trailer for the upcoming movie. Because this video’s straight INTERNET GOLD.

Shout out to reader John B. for texting me this video this morning and starting my day off on the right foot!