Is WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Dead? Did He Escape? Has He Been Captured? WHERE IS HE?!?!

by 1 year ago

There have been rumors swirling for weeks regarding the well-being of Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder is thought to be residing at the Ecuador Embassy in London, where he has been since August 2012 when he was granted asylum. However, he has been oddly nonexistent for weeks now.

People became concerned with Assange’s safety after his internet connection was cut by the Ecuadorian government on October 16. Ecuador officials said they muted Assange because they did not want to be responsible for allowing him to interfere with the U.S. election, but they would allow WikiLeaks to continue their journalistic activities which included the release of tens of thousands of hacked and damning emails from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.

WikiLeaks immediately “activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

That was followed by a series of tweets containing a 64-character code believed to be triggered by a “dead man’s switch,” which would automatically be sent if Assange was assassinated.

However, the tweets say “Pre-commitment,” meaning that it was something planned and may have indicated a release of information.

WikiLeaks released a comment on Assange’s internet outage, but did not provide proof that Julian was okay.

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