Wild Goose Attacks Police Officer And Sends Him Running Away In Fear

To be fair, they don’t exactly run ‘wild goose attack’ training scenarios at the police academy. This isn’t something Sergeant Detective Ray Hall of the Clarksville Police Department in Indiana was prepared for. Ill prepared or not, it hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of people poking fun at this cop for fleeing the scene like a toddler being attacked by a honey bee.

Canadian geese have no redeeming qualities in everyday life. They show up in huge numbers and shit all over everything you love, literally. They shit on your car, your lawn, the grass that you play soccer on. They shit all over the sidewalks you take to work or class. They drop hunky turds on your hopes and dreams. Canadian geese are, in fact, the worse.

If anyone is able to stand up to a pissed off Canadian goose I would’ve hoped it would be a police officer with a gun. WRONG.

Sergeant Detective Ray Hall of the Clarksville Police Department went scampering like a kid who’d just skinned his knee on the playground. I don’t want to pile it on too much here. Sergeant Detective Ray Hall’s colleagues will never let him live down this footage as long as he’s alive. After all, it was his colleague Lt. Shane Bassett who first shared the clip to YouTube.

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