This Guy Who Takes Selfies With Couples Making Out In Public Is Our New Internet Hero

Internet heroes have a very short shelf life so tomorrow we’ll probably have a new one. However, today it’s this guy who takes selfies with people making out in public and posts the pics to Tumblr and Instagram.

This work of Drew Philips and Scott Cleveland shows just how awful it is to be somewhere by yourself only to have two people mashing away right there in front of you like you’re invisible.

Luckily for us, they’ve turned these awkward situations into something utterly hilarious. Perhaps this will also serve as a reminder to those with the proclivity for public makeout seshes to “go find a room, okay?”

Sadly it seems that they haven’t been active lately, but here is a sampling of some of their best work…

It’s not even limited to real people either…

Here’s to hoping they get back to doing more of this someday because it’s awesome.

Great find by The Roosevelts