A 21-Year-Old Hottie Is Being Terrorized By A Gigantic Wolf Spider Living Under Her Shower And NOPE NOPE NOPE

by 4 years ago

A 21-year-old childcare worker from the UK is being terrorized by a gigantic wolf spider living underneath her shower. If you’re not familiar with wolf spiders they’re one of the largest spiders in the spider kingdom, with bodies stretching 1-inch and legs stretching 1.5-inches. They’re also capable of moving 2-feet-per-second, so the fear of this gargantuan spider popping out from underneath her shower and taking out a toe at any point is really real.

Here’s the hairy arachnid doing the terrorizing, tweeted out by Miss. Woods just a few days ago:


And here’s that same spider several weeks ago, also living in her bathroom, scaring the bejeezus out of her:


That, my bros, is the very definition of a spider you do NOT want living underneath your shower for months on end. But having that bristly monster of a spider living in her bathroom, scaring the crap out of her for months is precisely what’s been happening to the 21-year-old. Also, when I referred to her as a ‘hottie’ in the headline, this is why:


The UK’s Daily Mail reports:

This week she took to social media to inform her followers of the monster, revealing a picture of it alongside the words ”Omgggg!!!’ (oh my god).
She also asked: ‘Anybody who knows about spiders tell me if this is dangerous or not’ before asking for someone to go and ‘get rid of it’ for her.
People were quick to respond to inform her that it was a wolf spider – and although large and venomous, was not likely to attack her.
She then joked about borrowing a powerful hoover to get rid of the animal, tweeting: ‘Need a hoover to suck up spider in my flat’.
She has now revealed how the spider is ‘frightening the life out of her’.
She said: ‘Even getting up for the toilet in the night I’m creeping downstairs in case I accidentally stir it or step on it.
‘I noticed it ages ago but now it has grown into a whopper.’
Her neighbour Claire Richards, 34, said she would be tempted to move out if she came across a wolf spider of similar size.
She said: ‘To be honest, I’d just move house – I would not be able to deal with a spider that big.’
However, expert Jack Fenwick of Naturally Wild – an ecology specialist based in Middlesbrough – said it was unlikely the spider would cause her any harm.

So apparently this spider’s more physically intimidating to humans than anything. It is venomous, and if provoked it will attack. It’s also one of the fastest spiders in existence. However, the venom it’s packing in a bit isn’t enough to kill a human unless they are allergic, it’s more likely to be a ridiculously annoying and painful bite. That said, this spider is still a serious nuisance for this 21-year-old.

Sadly her spider isn’t anything like this one:

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Nor does she have these brave servicemen around to take care of her spider situation for her:

I can’t help but wonder how the saga of the UK wolf spider will end….