Watching This Woman Have An Absolute Meltdown Over Her Delayed Flight Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again

If it’s not the inconsiderate people on the flight who decided now would be a good time to dig into a bucket of pungent curry, then it’s the actual airline that’ll make you go “Goddamn, should’ve just driven to Australia instead of flying.” Doesn’t matter that you can’t drive across the ocean or that your car would probably explode from all the mileage you’d be putting on it, because all of that would STILL be preferable to dealing with the hell that is irate passengers and lying flight staff…assuming this video is to be believed.

To be fair to the staff, it’s not like they ACTUALLY lied to this woman – they most likely just passed on what they knew, and what they knew wound up being wrong. And I totally get that this woman is pissed about missing her Disney cruise because hey, that sucks. But come on – screaming at these people isn’t going to do shit. Writing down everything that’s happened isn’t going to do shit. The only thing having a meltdown is going to accomplish is provide the assholes around you the chance to record you screaming profanities at the people working the desk and then throw it up on YouTube for clicks. And oh hey look…that’s exactly what happened.

Maybe next time just don’t fly American. Don’t fly Delta. Don’t fly anywhere, in fact – never travel ever again if possible and save yourself a few grey hairs.