Not Bro Teens Gave A Woman A Black Eye When She Asked Them To Be Quiet At A ‘Furious 7’ Screening


I went to see ‘Furious 7’ on opening night and of course I brought a flask with me. That’s one of those movies, especially on opening night, that’s much better with a bunch of drinks in you. It’s also one where it’s fun to whoop and holler along when exciting things happen. I certainly did.

But if someone asked me to keep quiet, I would have immediately toned it down, because a person’s right to quietly enjoy a movie is greater than my right to do as I please in the confines of a movie theater.

So fuck these teens so hard who punched a lady who asked them to be quiet during a showing of ‘Furious 7.’

A family was attacked after seeing a movie Easter Sunday evening at the Stroud Mall and they believe it happened because they told some teenagers during the movie to pipe down.

A woman says she just came to see a movie Easter Sunday with her family, when a rowdy group of teens sitting behind her not only harassed her family inside the theater, they allegedly assaulted some of them later in the parking lot and took off.

[According to Santamaria-Williams] the girls said:

“‘When one swings, we all swing,’ and they immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground and punched me in the face. I think that’s what knocked me to the ground.”

Santamaria-Williams was left with a broken eye socket, a black eye and multiple bruises on her body. Police are still looking for the alleged assailants, who if found could be charged with assault.

Fucking shit, man. If only Paul Walker was still here. He’d find those teens and teach them a fucking lesson. Because that shit is not cool at all. God damn teens.

[H/T Whoever sent this to me, I can’t remember, but they told me to take the ‘Paul Walker would think this was not cool angle,’ so thank you.]