Woman Put Olive Oil On Her Face Before Sunbathing And Says She Was Left ‘Looking Like A Car Crash Victim’



Olive oil and vinegar is a salad dressing, it most certainly is NOT a mixture that should ever be used as a tanning enhancer. I assumed that not using olive oil as tanning lotion was common sense but apparently I was wrong, because a 58-year-old woman used that exact concoction on her face before laying out in the sun and she’s now had to have a malignant melanoma removed from her face. After the surgery she said she was ‘left looking like a car crash victim’ from the lasting damage the olive oil/vinegar mixture has done to her.

That is what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen.

Seeing this freaks me out more than a little, because I’m a second generation Floridian and I’ve watched my parents have to get procedures like this for most of my adult life. Each time knowing that the future holds the same for me, even though I never used olive oil and vinegar as a tanning enhancer.

Carol Leech (picture above) is sharing her story as part of Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. She told the UK’s Metro that she and her sister used to make the olive oil and vinegar concoction while laying out in their garden growing up because ‘having a good tan was a sign of being healthy’.

This reminds me of something I once did to myself by forgetting to put on sunscreen while out fishing for a day in the Gulf of Mexico. My nose looked like someone had taken a hot iron and put it on my nose. This went down several days before Cinco de Mayo back when I was in college, so when it came time for the Cinco de Mayo party I looked like a burn victim (technically I was a burn victim), and the more I drank the more I forgot how hideous I looked. It was night my finest outing.

With Summer around the corner I think now is a good time to remind you bros to load up on sunscreen, and that buying your sunblock in bulk on Amazon will save you a lot of money this Summer.

Vinegar and Olive Oil Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com