Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating On Her With 18-Year-Old Girl, Sends Nudes Of Girl To Boyfriend’s Mom In Response

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32-year-old Lorraine Donoghue is one of the newest additions to the UK’s sex offender registry after having sent several nude photos of an 18-year-old girl who her boyfriend, Willie Crawford, was cheating on her with to Crawford’s mom. According to Mirror, Donoghue found a pair of panties as well as a sex toy underneath her boyfriend’s bed that belonged to neither Donoghue nor Crawford, which raised her suspicions and caused her to begin snooping around on his computer.

The mum of three was then horrified to find graphic pictures and homemade sex videos of her 37-year-old partner romping with his 18-year-old lover in his Facebook account.(via)

As an attempt at revenge against her cheating boyfriend, Donoghue sent around six of the images to friends via Facebook messages, as well as to the girl’s mom and boyfriend with the message “Here’s your girlfriend.”

However, in contrast to most “revenge” stories, this one ends with Donoghue on the sex offender registry due to “revenge porn” laws; she plead guilty to contravention of the Telecommunications act “by sending indecent or obscene photos by means of a public electronic communications network,” as well as not guilty to two additional charges.

Luckily for Donoghue though…she managed to get herself off the registry in the end:

In October, Lorraine had been placed on the sex offenders’ register – usually used for rapists and paedophiles – but last week she was shown mercy by a Sheriff, who has since ordered her name to be taken off the register.

Sheriff Linda Smith cancelled an interim order which had put Lorraine on the sex crimes register, and ruled that her offence contained “no sexual ¬aggravation”.

Lorraine was placed under ¬supervision for 15 months and ordered to do 120 hours’ unpaid work for sending the “obscene” images.
Sheriff Smith said: “Clearly your motivation was vengeful, not sexual.”(via)

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